Calling all friends of Oh! Hello Geelong.

We are on a brand new mission and we need your help. Besides our love for cute and quirky objects and crafts, independent stores and scrumptious food, our other shared passion is interior design / decoration. We find pouring over pages of home design magazines and reading interior design blogs an absolute delight and always feel inspired by the amazing houses we’ve read about and been able to have a sneaky peek through. But what gives us that extra tingly feeling is actually walking through a fabulous home, a house that stands out from the rest, one that has been decorated with the perfect mixture of style, creativity and imagination. Heaven!
So this is where you come in! We’d love to know about Geelong’s (and surrounds) fabulous homes and would love even more to include them in the blog!
So have a little think, do you know a friend with a fabulous house that could rival this or this house,  Has your neighbour created a home that has that special something, like this home or this home? Have you got a gorgeous home that you love just as much as we’d love to live somewhere like this or this?
If you answered yes to any of the above let us know, we’d love to visit and show off some fabulous local homes and get the world excited about the way we live here in this mini city called Geelong!
You can contact us by email ( with your responses but don’t forget to tell us why you think your home is special! And PHOTO’S we absolutely need to see a few sneaky photos too :)
Love Penny + Laura

7 responses

  1. I have a framed holographic Star Wars poster in my living room so I’m guessing I’d qualify.. Sadly, I’m in Melbourne. ;) hehe

  2. Why hello ladies. This is a wonderful little project you have going on congrats, I can’t wait to read more and see more… It may or may not be useful information to you, however surely the offer must be given any how… My sister has begun building an environmentally friendly house near Melbourne. It has an indoor pool, recycled bottles in her polished concrete floor, built around great big Australian trees that have been incorporated into the structure of the house..e.g the entire veranda around the house uses trees as posts, curved ceilings, air looms for each door to outside for heating and cooling, an underground cellar that has an opening on the roof that goes up into their pantry in the kitchen above so that the pantry is a natural cool room, a green house next to the indoor pool that is also inside which is used as a breakfast room. Also my lovely sister who is the treasure to the house, and designed the features with her environmentally friendly architect.
    It is worth a look. It will be on the ‘sustainable living’ homes tour, but will not be available to see inside. I would be happy if you are interested to get the full tour in April when it is completed, even enjoy a swim together!

    • Hello Emily! Wow, what an amazing undertaking by your sister, she sounds truly inspirational! We are still at the drawing board stage of the call-out for houses branch of the Oh! Hello Geelong journey but thank you so much for sharing your treasure, we’ll keep in touch as we make more progress…meanwhile we may still take you up on that offer of an April swim!?

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