A visit to the studio of ‘A Skulk Of Foxes’

A Skulk Of Foxes

We are pretty confident that most Oh! Hello Geelong readers may have come across the super cool designs of A Skulk of Foxes’ in recent years. What readers may not know is that this much-loved brand is created, designed, made and managed right here in Geelong and has been for nearly 6 ½ years! Yep, that’s right, the brand known for its friendly folk fox face and its range of amazing silver, acrylic and timber jewellery, timber iPhone covers, soft furnishings and clocks is as local as they come! Oh! Hello Geelong was lucky enough to spend Sunday morning learning the tricks of the trade and the story behind the fox face, with the entire A Skulk of Foxes family (three cute and superbly behaved cubs included) at their Geelong West studio.

Dear Diary…

The couple behind A Skulk of Foxes is Natalie and Andrew Cirillo who together turned Natalie’s “hobby” into a booming business. The idea for the brand began life as a journal of ideas, which was compiled by Natalie while she and Andrew were living in Ealing in London. As the journal was growing so was Natalie’s and baby Milla’s fascination with a group of cheeky foxes who would come out every night for a rummage and stroll through the local streets only to disappear magically during the day. It was these foxes (collectively called a skulk of foxes) who inspired the logo and obviously the name of the brand we know today!! Such a beautiful story.

Coming to life…

When the couple arrived back in Australia, with journal and baby (and another one on the way) in tow, they decided to spend “a little” time in G-town with Andrew’s parents while they looked for a house to move into in Melbourne. However the couple fell in love with the homeliness of G-town and decided to set up their nest right here. After settling down and making their home, Natalie decided to open up her journal and make her ideas come to life. To get things started she enrolled into a silver smithing course at The Gordon, which she absolutely loved. It filled her with inspiration and loaded her up with the technical skills she needed to begin making her beautiful jewellery entirely by hand. Shortly after this Natalie began putting her range on the market and the orders began flooding in. It soon became obvious that Handy Andrew needed to come on board!

With Natalie’s background as a production manager in the fashion industry and silver smithing skills and Andrew’s experience in industrial design and computer animation, the couple was able to take A Skulk of Foxes to different levels through introducing new technologies and innovation to jewellery making and design. They are truly the perfect team, together they dream up concepts and bring their trademark folk and nature inspired illustrations to life through their well honed modern production techniques and a whole lot of team effort! Nothing mass produced here, each little element of every design is pieced together by these two super talented and patient people!

A peek behind the scenes…

It was super inspiring for us to see how much effort and love goes into each and every item made by A Skulk of Foxes, whether its their products to sell or the amazing Market and display stands. The studio was littered with little piles of ‘works in progress’, tiny silver and gold silhouette animals, doily’s and skulls, hand painted wooden iPhone covers, amazing moulds + prototypes, layers and layers of delicate laser cut woodland creatures, flowers, geometric shapes, silver pieces and beautiful little half made ‘ideas’ which may never actually make it to production.

We also feel pretty special that Andrew very kindly, charged up the mean laser cutting machine and made us 2 of the sweetest little timber Oh! Hello Geelong brooches! That machine is AMAZING!

It’s obviously no secret that we love all of their designs, but at the moment we have EXTRA love for a couple of their newer silver ranges, ‘Polyhedra’, a range of super cool 3D geometric shapes ”Inspired by the study of perfect geometry and patterns in 3d space”, and the precious keepsake collection of the most beautiful little silver lockets, beautifully embossed with their trademark Fox, Scull and Lovebirds designs …LOVE! Oh and, the timber engraved iPhone cases, yes please!

Working with others…

As well as being totally focused on evolving the brand and producing new fabulous goods, Natalie and Andrew are massive supporters of independent designers and makers. And they have a massive love for collaborating with other creatives. A Skulk of Foxes’ most recent collaboration, which Natalie is super excited about, is with Melbourne illustrator Madeline Stamer (the artist behind Little Circus Design). The result of this joint effort will be a range of striking silver lockets and earrings using some of Madeline’s bold and unique illustrations – including a very cool skull.  And in the pipeline, A Skulk of Foxes is working on another collaboration with Sydney-based illustrator Andrea Smith who we hear is working on a lovely little bird for the brand – can’t wait to see the final product!

Whilst A Skulk of Foxes can be found online, Natalie and Andrew also pop up at some of the big markets including Finders Keepers, the Big Design Market and Bower Bird Market.

Hard work + lots of love…

Oh! Hello Geelong was left feel totally in awe of the Cirillos and all they have achieved with A Skulk of Foxes! Proof that love and passion and a massive dose of talent in what you do goes a long, long way!

Love Penny + Laura

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  2. A nice variety in design here.
    The creative imagination is a great thing.
    I use it a lot in my cartoons (some samples in my blog).
    The imagination is never-ending ……………………………

  3. The best from the heart business! Your design’s are beautiful and this is a great family venture that will, I’m sure, turn into a legacy.
    I have friends that have a very similar Art business. Cheryl designs and her husband Don brings the product to life, Cheryl does all finishing and has a fabulous eye for color. You might want to check them out at http://www.louisesdaughter.com/
    They are the most wonderful people I know and Cheryl was my mentor for my own Art. Not to mention how they both held me up during the most difficult and devastating time in my life.
    You all have much in common.

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  7. I exist in sense love for by means of the aqua single the the bulk outstanding, but they are all wild cold! I goal they came in otter box form, as I seem to drop myiPhone Covers continually! wherever are these as of? I wish for one!

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