Clarisil Pro is a proprietary blend of ingredients specifically designed to help restore one’s inner balance and overall health.

Product Name: Clarisil Pro

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Clarisil Pro Review

Clarisil Pro Review

A simple recipe created to provide you with the greatest treatment possible using only natural products. After extensive laboratory testing, a well-researched procedure is employed to correct hearing impairment with substantial results. Ear injuries carry a number of dangers, including brain damage, memory loss, forgetfulness, and other debilitating disorders. As a result, you should pay close attention to your hearing problems and get treatment as soon as possible.

Technically, your body need specific substances to increase your hearing abilities and regenerate hair cells. According to popular belief, it is difficult to renew hair cells once they have been lost, yet a recent study published in the Natural Communications Journal investigated and reported the possibility of hair cell regrow.

What Is Clarisil Pro?

Clarisil Pro is a proprietary blend of ingredients specifically designed to help restore one’s inner balance and overall health. This unique product was created by Robert Beiler, who is an audiologist and fitness expert based out of San Diego, California. Clarisil Pro was designed to address three main issues regarding hearing loss: balance, nutrition, and stress. According to the company’s official website, Clarisil Pro is formulated with several all-natural and safe ingredients such as Vitamin C, Ginkgo Biloba, Nettle Root, and Milk Thistle. The proprietary blend of ingredients was designed to address these three issues in order to provide maximum relief to those who suffer from hearing loss:

The company further explains that they have developed this all-natural and safe formula through extensive research and testing. Some of the tested ingredients that they use in the making of Clarisil Pro include Ginseng, Bilberry, and Ginkgo Biloba. Ginseng and Bilberry are proving to increase someone’s level of endurance and improve circulation, while Gingko Biloba improves the function of the brain and nerve cells. To date, no negative side effects have been reported with using Clarisil Pro. In fact, this natural formula has been widely acclaimed by numerous consumers who have used it on a regular basis.

Clarisil Pro

How Does Clarisil Pro Work?

The proprietary blend of ingredients has proven effective in reducing stress levels, as well as improving balance and general well-being. Other important ingredients of this unique formula include L-Arginine, Hawthorn Berry, Zinc, and the proprietary blend of ingredients called “Erythrulose.” All of these ingredients have been clinically proven to support proper nerve and blood flow throughout the body. The proprietary blend of ingredients is also very effective in increasing overall blood flow and ridding the body of toxins that build up over time. This all-natural formula was designed to work in harmony with the body so that it can treat the various symptoms of aging in the most natural way possible.

Now, let’s get down to the “how does it work,” shall we? When you use Clarisil Pro, the patented formula contains three main ingredients that work together in order to cure alopecia: hair loss, ringing in the ears, and decreased hearing. These three ingredients target specific areas of your body by sending nutrients and vitamins directly to the affected area. The result is that your hair cells, skin cells, and other tissues absorb the special all-natural formula and are nourished effectively.

Alopecia is caused when your body starts producing too much of the hormone DHT. This hormone is responsible for causing the thinning and shrinking of your hair cells as well as the balding process. Through the use of this specially created hair cell booster formula, your hair cells are replenished and the hair growth process is improved. As a result, people who are suffering from alopecia and/or hearing loss have found that they are not only able to stop the symptoms they are experiencing, but have noticed a real increase in their ability to hear as well as see better. That’s right – Clarisil Pro has been known to help individuals who suffer from both conditions.

The three primary active ingredients are Zinc PCA, Biotin, and Magnesium. All of these ingredients have been proven safe and effective for use in human/doctor prescribed medications. All three ingredients are combined in such a way that they produce an increase in circulation. This means better blood flow throughout your body, including to your extremities and brain. The extra blood carried through the capillaries gives your extremities with more oxygen and the brain with more nutrients, which in turn, improves the function of all organs in your body.

Ingredients of Clarisil Pro

Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna Pruriens are well-known plants with a long history of use in traditional medicine. They’re made up of fruits strong in L-dopa, a powerful ingredient that’s said to help with mental performance, dopamine generation, and focus. They’re claimed to help with stress relief and brain protection. They serve the indistinguishable job of promoting hair cell renewal to restore hair loss and increase the performance of the user’s ears in this context.


Hawthorn has a lot of medicinal benefits. As a result, they’ve become popular in a variety of natural healing techniques and supplements. Hawthorn extracts have long been utilised to help with vascular and heart problems. This is because they help to maintain a healthy heart rhythm, improve blood flow, and ensure that oxygen reaches all of the body’s tissues and organs in a timely manner. Additionally, the extracts are reported to have outstanding diuretic, antibacterial, sedative, and antioxidant qualities.


L-theanine contains a high concentration of amino acids that have been demonstrated to help hair cells recover. Because these plant extracts produce neurotransmitters, they have a calming effect, can induce sleep, and can relieve anxiety.

Skullcap and Griffonia Simplicifoli

Skullcap and Griffonia Simplicifoli are powerful plant extracts that have numerous health advantages. One of these plants extracts aids in the repair and development of healthy ear cells.

Clarisil Pro Product


  • 100% natural and safe formula
  • Science-backed and recommended by renowned health experts
  • Exclusively selected high-grade ingredients that are naturally sourced
  • A long-established formula that has been used for decades by the Navajo tribes
  • An adaptive and versatile formula that fits into everyone’s lifestyle and diet
  • Proven efficiency and potency in providing long-term ear loss restoration results
  • A formula based on a real-life experience
  • Veg pills that are easy to swallow
  • 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Keep out to reach of children
Clarisil Pro Result


In addition to using Clarisil Pro to treat hair loss, many have found that the anti-aging properties of these ingredients have been extremely helpful. The unique blend of Vitamin B6, Magnesium, Zinc, and Biotin is able to stimulate the re-growth of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. These tissues and polymers are what make up your skin, bones, muscles, and organs. When these tissues are broken down and waste material is released, it does not allow for the growth of new cells. By applying these top-quality ingredients to your hair, you are allowing for the development of new cells and tissue.

Finally, there are some negative effects of using Clarisil Pro as well. It should be noted that since this product is prescription only, it may carry with it certain risks, such as severe allergic reactions, nausea, dizziness, upset stomach, bruising, and swelling of the face. Do not use any Clarisil products containing ephedra if you are currently taking medication for high blood pressure or heart condition. Ephedra has been known to increase heart rate as well.

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